Monday, January 28, 2013

Short-eared owl & others

Bitter cold weather this weekend, with temperatures in the single digits when factoring the windchill. Even so I made it out all weekend, lots of great birds about even with the cold conditions. Managed to drag my buddy Davey & Casey for most of it. 6 + imm Bald Eagles at Deer Island along the river. In Newbury we found a screech hiding in a small nook. Also caught a  short-eared owl in the reserve tonight with a nice winter backdrop of snow and fading light. I also had the opportunity to hear Norm Smith speak at the Newbury library, he brought a Barn Owl and gave a short lecture on Snowy owls & other raptors. All and all a very good weekend.
                                                                  Imm- B.Eagle
                                             Short-eared owl w/ snow falling.  shot by Casey
                                                             Birding in the freezing cold

                                                                        Stage pool
                                        Sea-smoke at the jetty, Brian confirmed the terminology
                                      Red phase Screech ducked down prior to shot, sneaky little bugger.

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