Sunday, January 20, 2013


About a year and a half ago Casey & myself went out to Montana to stay with my Aunt and Uncle  for a few weeks. We got the royal tour from the fam of this incredible landscape. We explored Yellowstone, Grand Teton's, Red Rock's Lake National Park, and the lands near where our family lives. I have yet to post the pictures from this trip & I thought it would be a good time to add this post to the blog. We saw amazing avian life, and most of the large Mammals of the West, aside from the big cats, we saw none of those.
While we did not capture amazing shot's of short-eared owls, we saw over 12+ SEOW's while out west. Incredible trip, we hope to make it back there ASAP.

Mammal's of note: Grizzly Bear, Black Bear, Gray Wolf, Coyote, Red Fox, Gray Fox, Badger, Big Horn Sheep, Mountain Goat, Elk, Moose, Prong Horn and Bison.
                                                       .Photos by Casey.
                                                      mt. goat ( little white dot in middle)
                                                            Griz & 2 yearlings
                                                                   Great Horned
                                                                    A. Avocet
                                                                 Avocet on nest
                                                              Baby Badger's

                                         B. Eagle's were everywhere, we also saw a number of Golden Eagles

                                                              these two....
                                                             Baby Coyote's

                                                          mother coyote waiting to return to den
                                   Gray Wolf at wolf center ( we also saw 2 wild Gray wolf in the Lamar valley )
                                                           Lark Sparrow

                                                    Magpie's, I wish we had these in the east
                                                                    Moose & calf
                                                              Mt. Bluebird
                                                        Mt. Bluebird
                                                     white pelican's - thousand's in Montana
                                                              Common Raven
                                                                   Red Fox

                                                              Sand Hill Cranes
                                                       Red Rock's lake marsh - Idaho
                                                                 Bull Snake
                                                              Chatting some birds
                                                          Western tanager

                                                      Yellow headed blackbird
Red shafted Flicker 

The West is just so incredible. While it would be tough to leave the ocean, the shear amount of wildlife you can see anywhere out in Montana...well...I would move. Thanks again to Martha & Gary for the best trip ever!!! 

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