Tuesday, May 6, 2014

American Oystercatchers & fallout

Started Working for DCR as the Piping Plover Ranger, which is awesome. Today I had a visit from 2  American Oystercatcher's on Winthrop Beach, one tagged bird. ( Yellow Tags, # 2)

I nice push of Warblers through the Reserve, I had 16 species in less than an hour including highlights; Wilson's, Prairie, & Blackburnian. I Did not take many pictures, but I got a nice shot of this ComonYellow-throat.

Kingbirds, Towhee's , and Red Breasted Grosbeaks have resumed their breeding haunts. 

                                                                 Eastern  Kingdbird
Least Tern's arrived in numbers in the past two days, over 40 birds in the morning along Winthrop beach.