Friday, April 24, 2015

Catching up - various birds

After a recent computer crash the pictures have been building up. As such the photos span the past few weeks. I am not yet all that great at lightroom, so these are the first edits with the new program.

                                                    Sharp-shinned Hawk in the yard
                                             Snowy Owl , transmitter attached to bird
                                                                  Savannah Sparrow
                                                    Garter Snake emerging for spring
                                                    Dawn looking toward Nahant
                                                     Little vole, pretty comical little guy
                                                                     Piping Plover
                                                      Manx Shearwater - Revere
                                                                      Purple Finch

                                       far off Short-eared Owl hunting the Belle Isle marsh

                                                  Eastern Screech Owl - Red phase

                                                 Gray mate to the Red Screech above