Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Catching up

I've been working so much I haven't had time to process the hundreds of pictures I have taken lately. But some really amazing birds seen daily at my amazing job.

                                                        Male Bobolink - PRNWR
                                                      Breeding AMOY - Winthrop
                                                       Oystercatcher chick
                                                            Adult Piping Plover
                                                         Piping Plover chick
                            Jack Daniels and Plover's, everyone like a cocktail once in a while.
 Due to the proximity of the birds on a small beach, you see amazing things like 12 Plovers next to each others.
                                                   Young Plover about to fledge.
                                                                    Least Tern
                                           Breeding behavior Least Terns at Winthrop
                                                                     Tern chick
        Great Horned Owlet's found by me and Steph on a owl search on Lovells Island. Steph let me come out and help with the Terns and try to locate an owl. We found a pile of owls, who will likely need to be relocated as to not disrupt the fragile Tern colony.