Monday, November 20, 2017

Snowy Owls are back & banded Peregrines

Here is the Peregrine couple that has been hanging out at Belle Isle recently. Pretty remarkable behavior , the pair hunts as a team. They also seem to like hanging out in the big dead tree at Belle, and allow for pretty close observation which is not exactly typical for Peregrines. Waiting on the band numbers from Masswildlife to see where the birds are from. The male is to the left and the larger female to the right.

                                      Coopers Hawk on top of the state police barracks
                                        White-eyed Vireo , very late sighting for this bird.
                        Large Peregrine falcon on Plum Island this morning eating a Pigeon. 

                                                  First of the season Snowy Owl

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Catching up

                                                                        Hunter Moon

 Pretty slow banding season this year, but a few Owls trickling in every few days or so. More on the 2017 season to come.
                                                               Peregrine Falcon
                                                              Female Bobolink

                                                 Northern Gannets off lot 1 PRNWR

                                                           Juvenile Black Skimmer