Thursday, January 14, 2016

Snowy Owl Winthrop

Today while doing some work at Winthrop Beach I noticed a white blob further down the beach. The blob wound up being a Snowy, appeared to be a male bird...very beautiful.

The dark coloration near the bill is blood, the owl was eating a Buffle Head (Duck)
                                               Scared off by a dog on the beach, consider following state law when on beaches. In winter wildlife spends alot of energy staying alive, help them out by following rules that are in place.   

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Dead Long-eared Owl

Today I found the remains of a Long-eared Owl that had been eaten by another Owl. Likely the winter resident Snowy Owl that predated the LEOW, but also Great Horned Owl is possible. While I have not seen Great Horned Owl in the area, the wooded area where the LEOW was killed seemed good for a GHOL ambush. Either way a sad thing to find, as Long-eared Owls are not a common find.
 Initial kill site, the LEOW was entirely plucked, "white wash" next to the kill consistent with predication from another Owl. The following day I found a pellet containing a leg section of the LEOWs leg bone. The Owl must have returned to feed on the remains, or check on the remains.

                                                 Long-eared Owl talon, the only thing remaining from the Owl
                                                         Primary and secondary feathers