Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Red-headed Woodpecker

Went with Geoff Wood to view the Red-headed Woodpecker that Jim Berry found. The bird was very active while we were at Appleton Farms. Even more incredible was 2 Evening Grosbeaks that were also in the swamp, first time I have ever seen them in Massachusetts.

Bernards house & Birding with the Friends

This week myself and a few of my co-workers put up a nesting box for Bernard. Hopefully there is still time this season for Bernard and his mate to use the box. Typically Barred owl courtship has begun and a nesting location has been chosen, but this house is pretty nice...so we will have to see.

Also this week was the Eagle Festival, I was stationed again at Deer Island. A few good birds in addition to the Eagles, a juvenile Red-shouldered Hawk soared above the island for a very difficult ID. A few Peregrines also made passes by the island.

Finally some of the Friends of Belle Isle came up for some birding around Newburyport and we got some great birds, a very cooperative flock of Cedar Waxwings being my favorites of the day.
                                                                     Bernard's house

                                                           Common Mergansers
                                                             Immature Bald Eagle
                                                              Adult Peregrine Falcon
                                                              Red-shouldered Hawk
                                                           Immature Bald Eagle

                                                                  Cedar Waxwings

                                                                          Horned Lark

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

After the snowstorms

Well I have been pretty much working strait since last week, not much time to get out and take pictures. Today however I got out for a bit.

 At work a tree crew displaced a large family of Southern Flying Squirrels, so we built them a box. It was rather sad, hopefully they find the box . 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A few random pictures from last weeknd

Editing some photos from this past weekend while I work through some kind of brutal food poisoning or something...

                                                                Northern Shrike
                                                           White-breasted Nuthatch