Monday, January 9, 2012

Snowy Owls

Lots of Snowy's all over. In the area I have seen them from Salisbury, Plum Island, to Cranes beach. A number of the birds seem to be young, but both males and females alike have come down from the artic to winter with us on PI. Thoughts on this ? In years of high lemming populations Snowy owls have alot of young, sometime 5-6 per pair. In years with low lemming numbers, sometimes the birds do not even have young. Anyways with such high populations of birds and limited prey, the young birds are forced to move south where there is food. Thus a year like this, with 100's of owls moving downwards  across the country. 2010 had no snowy's at all, not 1 bird on PI... so this has been a real treat this year.

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