Saturday, January 28, 2012

6 Snowy's in less than 2 hours

So I started off the morning at 6:45 & headed strait for Sandy Point. Where other birding troops seem to start at the gate and go down, I reverse that. This is an unwise approach others use. The first Snowy was in the dunes of Sandy Point across from Ipswich. There was no way to get close to this bird without flushing it, so I stayed away. The second was sitting on Emerson Rocks, and was flushed by duck hunters just off the rocks. The next (number 3) was WAY out in the marsh just south of lot 5. Snowy number 4 was seen on the dike just off Hellcat. I watched about 10 cars drive past the 5th bird, it was so close to the road I think everyone over looked it. Not I. As soon as I got out to take a few pictures people began to realize that it was an owl. As I was getting in my car, another snowy flew overhead flushing the entire salt pannes and landing about 200 yards from the 5th bird. This last bird (6) was by far the most fun, as everything in the marsh seemed to be upset with it. Some great captures of the Snowy and  Northern Harrier. 

                                                               #3 ( crappy picture - yes )
                                                             #4 ( yes also crappy)

                                                         #6 w Harrier
                                                  This guy could not catch a break

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