Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday Birding

So the morning started with my BCP buddy Bill and I hitting the Parker looking for snowy's. We located 2 birds on the dike between Hellcat and the pines trail. Bill was using his 700mm lens, which needless to say... is bananas. We then made our way to the Salisbury State park, where there was literally not one bird.

After Bill and I parted ways, I took a hike in West Newbury near the backside of one of the Green Belt properties. I found 2 Northern flickers ( no pics) and a flock of Bluebirds ( terrible pics), and 2 snow buntings.  Honestly none of the pictures today came out good at all. The real highlight of the day came when I went back into the Parker and located 4 different Snowy Owls on a short drive, ending with me madly driving through the neighborhoods of P.I. following one of the birds. While drinking and driving may be dangerous, I am quite sure that following owls at dusk through residential neighborhoods at high speeds is FAR more dangerous. So please don't bird and drive.
Bill rocking the 700mm

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