Monday, January 23, 2012

Snowy Owl with damaged feathers

My friend Forest was down from Vermont this weekend, and we saw a number of different Snowy owls in the Parker.  Even one bird right on the beach in front of my house ! It was to dark outside for a "real" shot, but I got one neat picture seen at the bottom of this post. One of these birds we found sitting on Emerson rocks in the mid morning. Casey got some great pictures, but I am only using one of the rough pictures for science, if you will. I have seen this "dark" bird for about a month now. It seems to be the one bird exclusively sticking to a section of the Island, the rest seem to move around lot. I got some images of this bird about 3 weeks ago posted up on a stump in the dunes of Sandy Point ( seen in my post on Snowys) . I noticed some displaced damaged feathers the first time I photographed it. But when Casey transferred these new images, you can really see the whole wing. The bird has a number of damaged primary & secondary feathers. Seemingly this does not look like it throws off its flight to much, and the bird is clearly doing well on Sandy Point. I have seen it eating ducks on the beach. The one thing I wonder is with heavily damaged feathers, if this bird will make the trip back to the Artic. (The flight shot is by Casey)

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