Monday, February 18, 2013

Various BIrds

I traveled over to Boxford to grab some lunch with the fam. Witch Hollow Farm had a number of good birds;  6 + Eastern Bluebirds, and a Carolina Wren among others. Another new addition to the farm was a new donkey friend for Anthony... "Legs". She was awesome.

After Witch Hollow we traveled to Gloucester to view Whitney's and Brian's house, an amazing spot which provided a flock of common Redpoles and a Brown Creeper. Other birds of note was an Eastern Screech Owl, and a Bald Eagle in West Newbury. The Eagle made me do a double take, despite its size it was perched in a "red-tail Hawk location," right over the road about 25 feet up in a tree.


                                                         Eastern Bluebird

                                                                Leg's and Anthony
                                                           Getting some sun in-between snow storms

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