Sunday, March 18, 2012

Various Birds & lots of Owls

So another great weekend for Owls. On Friday Casey & I watched 2 Short-eared owls hunt & "dog fight" over Cross Hill in the Reserve. They stayed pretty far away, so we didn't really get any crazy pictures. We also saw 3 Snowy's on Friday. This afternoon I went back into the Reserve ( Sunday) I found 4 Snowy's all to far for the 300mm lens, but great views with binoculars. I also saw one of the Short-eared owls again right at dusk past the pines.

 Lots of song sparrows and  Redwing Blackbirds singing. High numbers of horned grebes off Emerson Rocks, and a few Killdeer & 100's of Sanderlings at Sandy Point. I  saw my first 2012 Kestrel on Friday near the Wardens. Also worth noting that a number of the Great Blue Herons that use the 95 rookery are back as well. Feels like spring to me ! 

One of Casey's shots from Friday

Just to far, and to bright for any good shots

Found this funny. Poor Redtail. Recently I saw a bunch of crows pestering a Cooper's Hawk. When the crows got bored and took off the Coop chased one down & killed it. Pretty crazy, I've never seen that before. The hawk also did not eat the crow, just caught it, killed it,  & left it. 

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