Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Birding

A few good birds today for sure, leaving the island this morning there was a Bald Eagle sitting in the marsh near Bob Lobster. From there I headed over to Nelsons Island to meet up with  Ma and Pa Riley. We were hoping to catch some short-eared owls, and they did not disapoint. There were 2 birds hunting the marsh off Stackyard Rd, and another on the back side of the Nelsons Hill. What a great few days for Short-eared owls. After the photo shoot yesterday, it was almost pointless to take pictures but I took a few flight shots anyways.  On the way home thousands of Red Wing Black birds were in the corn fields at Pilkes Farm. Finally a pair of Red Tail's on the P.I. turnpike as the sun was setting. 

Thousands of Red Wing's


far off Red Tail

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