Sunday, February 12, 2012

Eastern Screech & Snowy

So thanks to Hans I got a good look at the Newburyport screech. Neat little bird, I love screeches. I had much better luck finding them last winter. An interesting crowd of photographers there, I cant imagine 10 people standing 5 feet from a bird, is good for the bird. Anyways I made my stop a quick one. Also an early stop in the Parker also yeilded a Snowy sitting across  on the Pannes pools edge. From Thursday to today I saw 4 different species of owl, not bad. They are as follows: Barred, Great Horned, Snowy, & Screech. 


  1. When are you going to take Brian and I birding? Early mornings are my best time - the earlier the better! We just spent an hour reading your blog and researching your facts (not that we doubt you - just wanted to know more). Love the blog! ~ Whitney

  2. Thanks Wit !!! I would love to go with you guys anytime!!!! I pretty much go every Sat & Sun