Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lots of Raptors & some Harbor Seals

So its been a great couple of days for Raptors,  seeing: a Barred owl, Snowy Owl (6) , Merlin (3), Sharp Shinned Hawk , Red Shouldered Hawk, and the island regulars lots of Northern Harrier & Red Tails. I only took a few pictures this weekend, but the viewing overall was great. I also caught an Eastern Coyote leaving Pine Island for the Refuge at sunset, a very healthy looking animal. Along with the coyote were 4 Snowy Owls all seen from the tip of Pine Island.  The Barred owl was in Ipswich and was seen for the second time in almost the same location at the base of the conservation trail, thinking about putting up a nest box. Finally a pile of Harbor seals were enjoying the last rays on sun on this very temperate February day at the Salisbury Reservation.

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