Wednesday, June 15, 2016

New kids in town

Lots of juvenile birds everywhere. Today Belle Isle was inundated with newly fledged Black-capped Chickadees. To the horror of the patrons the little ones were on the ground, in the parking lot, landing on cars...etc. I spent most of the morning getting them off the ground and placing back in trees. While fledged, the birds could barely fly. Parents will continue to feed them for weeks to come.

                                                            Juvenile American Robin
                   Baltimore Oriole nest at Belle Isle. Amazing these birds weave their nests. 
                                                               Cedar Waxwing
                               Juvenile Grackle sitting next to me on the boardwalk, looking for worms which I did not have.

                                  The rest of the photos are of the American Kestrel juveniles.

                                                          Willow Flycatcher singing

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