Thursday, March 6, 2014

Northern Hawk Owl

Soo every year I try to see a Hawk Owl in some god forsaken frozen northern town, and every year I fail to find a bird. Not this year people !!! I took off from Plum at 4:30am, early bound for Waterbury Vermont. The bird was easy to locate, and only one other person around. I watched the Owl via scope on a far off snag for a while, then it took off into the forest. At this point I decided to sit in the car for a bit to warm my  frost bitten feet.  After some de-thaw I got out of the car to relocate the bird...and it litterally flew directly at me ! It landed, and perched in a tree not more than 10 feet away just starring at me. Super cool and super comical, Hawk Owls are... hilarious.  Overall an unreal birding experience....such a great trip. My buddy Forest also made an appearance from near by Pittsfield to check out the bird.   Nemesis bird no longer.

                                                                         Far off
                                                  Sometimes you have an itchy head...

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