Monday, February 10, 2014

Eagle Festival & others

This weekend I was asked to man one of the sites for the Mass Audubon Eagle Festival. I got stationed at the Deer Island, a very exciting spot if viewing Eagles. A big thanks to the crew at Joppa for including me, they are a great group of folks over there. The other co-leader Jean & I rocked Deer Island with tremendous bird cheer,  our only regret being forgetting a hibachi grill and possibly... foot warmers. Also, upon arrival I immediately slipped and fell on the ice, inadvertently outlining the non-safe standing zones for  the Eagle onlookers. 

On to the birds though...while I was on the Island we had 1 mature adult, and more than 8 + sub adults at varied ages. Not great shots but good for documentation. 

Prior to my shift at Deer Island I birded a number of places turning up some good birds, of note; Snow Buntings, and a Screech Owl. The screech has been absent from his roost all winter and I was starting to fear the worst. As such, I was quite happy to see this little guy alive and well enjoying the sun. Also a few Snowys ...which is basically an every day occurrence here.

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