Thursday, June 6, 2013

Catching up

Well, I have been slacking in my updates, so this is sort of a combined smattering of pictures. I traveled to the Kennebunk Plains, an upland prairie habitat to see; grasshopper sparrows, vesper sparrows and upland sandpipers. Very cool place. Indigo Bunting's and Blue Winged Warblers have returned to Martin Burns. Plovers and Least Terns are on nests here on Plum. I also completed a bird survey at my in-laws farm in Boxford and found a Savannah Sparrow, a first for me at this location. Pictures are in no set order.
                                                               Black Bellied Plover
                                                                Black Crowned Night Heron
                                                              Eastern Blue Bird
                                                            Empid - ?
                                                                  Indigo Bunting
                                                                     Piping Plover
                                                      The local Red-tail

Eastern Screech Starling 

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