Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Well I have the best wife in the world. Who gets you a dinosaur ? The condition of the fossil is incredible, its a perfect skeleton. It has replaced my original Audubon collection book as the new coolest thing I own.

 Keichousaurus -  is a genius of marine reptile in the pachypleurosaur family, which went extinct at the close of the Triassic period. About 220 + million years ago. The name derives from Kweichow, an achient provience in China. 
Keichousaurus, like all sauropterygians, was highly adapted to the aquatic environment. Individuals of this genus ranged from 15 - 30 cm in length, and had both long necks and long tails, with elongated, five-toed feet. The pointed head and sharp teeth in this genus also indicate that they were fish- eaters.

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