Sunday, May 6, 2012


Another great BCP class this weekend, Wayne P was the lecturer for this module. The session was about breeding biology, some very interesting information about avian breeding behavior. We got to stop by the banding station where Ben the resident bander had a Black Throated Green Warbler. Lots of other warblers around; yellows, black & whites, yellow rumped, & also a number blue headed viero's.


purple finch


yellow throat

yellow warbler on nest

yellow W

FOY kingbird


I had a FOY Ruby Throated Humming bird today in the dunes of Sandy Point today, as well as a sharpie that buzzed the feeders & a SUMMER TANAGER in the 10th street thicket !!!!! Very cool, didn't get a pic camera. BAH !

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  1. The bird on a tree branch seems to be your lucky photo opp! The pictures are amazing and although I'm jealous of your new found photography skills, I'm happy that it has boosted your birding enthusiasm...honestly, you didn't really need any help in that department.