Monday, June 13, 2011

Machias Seal Island

If you have not been to Machias Seal Island, you need to plan a trip. The island sits on the boarder of Maine and Canada, and is currently in the midst of international dispute. Canada seems to be winning as it is manned by a year round Canadian staff. Casey and myself spent a few nights camping in Acadia, before boarding the boat out to Machias. The island is one of the bigger breeding colonies for Alantic Puffins, Razorbills, and Murre. The island also holds a small population of Artic Terns, and various gull species. As you approach the island the water is filled with Puffins. Apparently sometimes boats are not allowed to actually get out onto the island, but we were fortunate and got to land.

Having substandard camera equipment we were able to get one of the best blinds closest to the nesting areas. After shutting the blind door, the puffins re-swarm the blind. All you can hear is a continuous scurry of puffin feet. The views are amazing, truly incredible to see. The smell well….that is just as interesting.

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